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Equipped for Projects on a Range of Scales

    We fabricate and install piping for the food and beverage, mechanical services, and industrial plumbing industries.

    • Pipe Fabrication
    • Boiler Tube Fabrication Repair
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining
    • Heat Exchanges
    • Product & Service Lines
    PWA - Pipe Weld Australia
    PWA - Pipe Weld Australia

    Engineering Design Drafting

    Experienced and dedicated in house design drafting capabilities, utilising the latest in 3D design software enables Pipe Weld Australia to take projects from concept to reality.

    Our service offers clients the ability to review, assess, and enhance design concepts clearly and confidently with all stakeholders prior to fabrication.

    Onsite measuring, concept development, proposal assessment & structural certification are just some of the design capabilities Pipe Weld Australia can offer our

    Hot Tapping

    Pipe Weld Australia has the capability to tie into existing in-service pipework that enables clients to expand or re-route
    infrastructure without the need to shut down or isolate plant areas resulting in costly production losses.

    Specially manufactured fittings complete with isolation valves can be welded to live pipework without affecting production processes.

    PWA can branch 25mm to 100mm piping with Operating max. Pressure 9.9 Mpa. @ 38° C

    Operating temperature 371° C @ 4.8 Mpa. Intermittent.

    Max. Continuous rating: 177° C @ 6.9 Mpa.

    Coded Welding

    All our Welders are WTIA Certified and are qualified for the relevant welding procedures ensuring all welding complies with the client’s specification and appropriate code or standard.

    We are able to offer welding services that include developing job-specific welding procedures and welding procedure qualifications for various types of welding
    processes, that is GTAW, MMAW, FCAW, and GMAW, ensuring compliance with the client’s specification and appropriate code or standard so that it will meet the mechanical design requirement.

    Pipe Fabrication

    Pipe fabrication is Pipe Weld Australia’s specialty that has the capacity to fabricate a range of light to heavy sized pipework that complies with the client’s specifications and Australian Standards.

    We have the capability to fabricate the Pipework from Stainless Steel, mild steel, or an alloy material which includes but not limited to the following various items:

    • Boilers
    • Heat Exchanges
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
    • Ammonia Refrigeration Plants
    • Process / Service Lines – Gas, Water and Compressor Air

    Shut Down Solutions

    Supply management & personnel for shut down maintenance for mining and process plants Australia wide.

    • Project Managers
    • Project Supervisors
    • Coded Welders
    • Pipe Fitters
    • Boiler Makers
    • Mechanical Fitters
    • Riggers
    • Trades Assistants

    Water & Treatment, Pharmaceutical & Mining.

    Pipe Weld Australia. 


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